The airfreight industry has long lacked fresh perspective and been plagued by a range of problems including capacity mismanagement, operational mishandling, intransparency and increasingly complex airport/airline security regulations in an ever unsecure world. As a result, multi-billion dollar high end commodity trade is left at the mercy of traditional carriers who have little idea or grasp of modern and ever evolving industry trends and customer requirements. What most manufacturers and traders depend on is a cluster of big and arrogant legacy airlines with squeezed operational resources and little appetite for reform.

Delta Global Solutions Ltd is a nimble team of industry professionals with years of experience in airfreight and trucking fields. We are represented by a reliable and strong network of partners on all continents extending our capabilities beyond conventional borders. While we may be unable to solve the world's problems, through powerful bonds with a wide range carriers and experience on the ground, we are able to provide you:

- Rapid deployment whenever and wherever you need us
- Maximum degree of visibility throughout the supply chain
- 24/7 operations control center for quick response in emergencies
- Compliance with international and national regulations
- Seamless communication in the language you speak
- A to Z logistics solutions at a fraction of the cost global freight forwarders charge

Our relatively small size allows us greater flexibility and quicker decision-making, saving us the precious time we devote to engaging with individual customers.

We work hard so that you can attend to issues that matter to your business most. Trust us your supply chain needs and concentrate on what you do best.

Send your inquiries to or contact us via Telegram or Skype in urgency.

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